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Semi-Custodial & Self-Hosted Wallets

Allow crypto-native users to connect self-hosted wallets and provide new crypto users with multi-signature wallets.

Fiat & Crypto Payments

Allow consumers to pay for both primary and secondary NFT sales with a credit card, ACH, wire, or cryptocurrency.

Auction, Ecommerce & Secondary Markets

With the ability to mint generative artworks and host secondary sales, conduct primary offerings, dynamic auctions, and open editions.

KYC, Taxes & Custody

Configure your optimal NFT custody solution between the brand, buyers, and resellers by adding plug-and-play KYC and real-time tax assessment solutions.

Secondary Sales & Royalty Splits

Receive commissions on secondary sales on your marketplace and other major platforms while using a smart contract to automate any necessary splits with third parties.

Proof-of Tickets, Play-to-Earn & DAOs

Ticketed access to exclusive content, products, or events, play-to-earn gamification, retroactive airdrops, and community governance can all help to keep NFT owners engaged.

Get Complete Service Support for NFT
HashSaga Powered NFT marketplaces, membership programs,
and communities can be designed, launched, and grown with the
support of our exclusive partners.

Strategy & Management

We are solely responsible for your NFT business strategy, project management, and results.

Concept & Design

Based on company goals, IP potential, and client personas, we advise your brand identity, user experience, and NFT offering.

Build & Integrate

On top of the FirstRare platform, we manage the front-end programming and third-party integrations like analytics, email, and order administration.

Go-To-Market & Scale

To ignite engagement and grow revenue, we direct breakthrough marketing campaigns, social media content, and powerful media attention.

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